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Strong pedestal with height adjustment by gasspring. Rotation control by means of footlever. Rotates 360° and locks in 180° pivoting movement. Rotolift is standard equipment on German SAR-cruisers.

Item no. Item Price / Euro
[without VAT]
Price / Euro
[with VAT]
31310Rotolift solid pedestal, steel, black, base Ø 320 mm, height 240–340 mm1014,001206,66
31312Rotolift extension, base & top Ø 320 mm, height 160 mm260,00309,40
31314Rotolift extension, base & top Ø 320 mm, height 300 mm283,00336,77
Options/matching items
64221Sliders for Inox LB/Inox/Rotolift95,00113,05

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