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Commercial shippingPörtner & Recaro helm seats,
Pedestals, footrests & deck tracks

Extremely versatile seat pedestals and parts. Adaptability to various types of vessel and purpose is an important consideration in commercial shipping. Be these cargo ships, fishing boats, tugs or other vessels. Our high-quality pedestals and seat parts satisfy this requirement.

They provide crew members with an exceptionally comfortable, ergonomic working environment, thereby contributing to overall efficiency and productivity on board. Discover the comfort and durability of our innovative maritime seating solutions and ensure safe, productive days on the water.


Our robust footrests featuring flip-up foot panel and swivel function will improve the seating experience. This versatile addition boosts comfort, encourages healthy sitting posture and suits a variety of styles.

Deck tracks

This slider system enhances freedom of movement whilst ensuring that the helm seat remains securely attached on the bridge. The self-lubricating, silent, stainless steel system is resistant to salt and moisture and is trusted by shipyards throughout the world.

Seat sliders